Department of Business Administration, Social Science & Related Subjects

Md. Afzal Hossain

Message of Welcome

It is a matter of immense pleasure to me that I am revealing a message to all the readers to be cuddlesome of the department of Business Administration, Social Science & Related Subjects. The memories of the department at the dawn of my professional career are glorious. I am hugely thrilled by the sensation that I am also part of the whole venture. I hope, your progressive intellectual enterprise will expand the spirit and vision of the department.

Thanks for visiting us on website.

Department in Brief

This department is one of the four oldest departments of the college. It provides support services to other departments for carrying out their academic programs. In every program there are subjects like Bangla, English, History & Culture, Bangladesh Studies, Economics, Political Science, etc. The faculty members of this department take care of those subjects.

Further Instructors of different Co-curricular Clubs are also the faculty members of this department.

The college puts equal stress both on curricular & co-curricular activities. Again the college desires that all students, faculty members, officers & staff speak in English within the college campus. Thus the role of this department is directly linked with widely talked ‘Career-Friendly Education System’ of the college which is a unique example in the scene of educational institutions of our country.

The list of the faculty members of this department is as follows:

Department of Business Administration ,Social Science & Related Subjects
Sl Picture Name Education Mobile No. Experience Intercom
   1  unnamed Md. Afzal Hossain
Departmental Head
BA(Hons), MA in English(NU) 01715-368446    10 Years 21
   2 registrar Sk. M. Tohiduzzaman
Asstt. Professor
MA in Bangla (NU) 01752-260401    23 Years 14
   3 Md. Nazmul Alam
BBA(Hons), MBA in Management (IU) 01752-260403    06 Years 14
   4 Israt-Jahan-Liza Israt Jahan Liza
Instructor, Music
BBA (Hons) on-going (NU), Certificate & Traning in Music 01727-224232    12 Years 21