The following types of Scholarships/Stipends/Prizes are given to the students of Bangladesh Technical College by BCMC Foundation.

A.Merit Scholarships:

i. A student gets a monthly scholarship of Tk 800/- in 1st semester provided he/she gets a minimum GPA 4.80 in SSC/ Equivalent examination.

ii. A student gets a monthly scholarship of Tk 800/- in 2nd & all subsequent semesters provided he/she gets a GPA 3.84 in Semester Final Examinations of Diploma in Engg & has a class attendance of minimum 90%.

iii. A student having referred (`F` grade) in any subject does not come under the purview of scholarship.

B.Student of the Year Scholarship:

A student having all round performance in class attendance, results in examinations, attendance & active participation in club activities, conduct & fluency in Spoken English is selected as The Student of the Year on the basis of recommendations from the departments & having a thread-bare discussion in Faculty General Meeting. The Student of the Year is awarded with Tk 15,000/-, a gold medal, a crest & a certificate of honour.