Department of Civil Engineering

Md. Foysal Hossan

Message of Welcome

I am gleeful to introduce the Dept of Civil Engineering as the Head of this department. We conduct both the educational and Department related activities in this college. The Department is operated by well acquainted and student amicable teachers. Also the Departmental lab is enriched with high qualities of Civil related instruments. I expect this department will be the foremost Department of the College through overall performance such as teaching, learning, research activities etc.

Ultimately, I solicit you to the Department of Civil Engineering to have the unparalleled educational environment.


Department in Brief

The Department of Civil Engineering started its journey from the academic year 2011-2012. With the approval of 04 years long Diploma in Civil Engg curriculum by BTEB. Civil Engineering is treated as the king of all technologies as it is an integral part of modern civilization. Accommodation which is one of the basic needs of people is fulfilled by this technology.

At present around 100 students have been studying under this department.

The duration & annual intake capacity of Diploma in Civil Engg program under this department are shown below:

Sl No

Name of the Program


Annual Intake Capacity




Diploma in Civil Engineering




The list of the faculty members of this department is as follows:

Department of Civil & Construction Engineering
Sl Picture Name Education Mobile No. Experience
   1 chairman Engr. Md. Ashraful Kabir
MSc in Civil Engg(UK), LFIEB, MASCE, MAPWA 01971-844882    42 Years
 2 Md. Foysal Hossan
Departmental Head
Dip. in Civil Engineering (BTEB) 01704408855    03 Years
  3 17 Md. Riazul  Islam
Junior Lecturer
Dip. in Civil Engineering (BTEB) 01517-016762    02 Years
   4 Mst. Aynunnahar
Junior Lecturer
Dip. in Civil Engineering (BTEB) 01786-664229 02 Years